Delivery Naturally to Your Door

Time to stock up? Choose from a wide selection of products and depend on our convenient delivery services that you can rely on. It’s never been easier, faster or more convenient to bring quality products direct to your door.

Please note:

• Delivery is only available within the UAE.

• Delivery will be cash-on-delivery only.

Did you know?

You can also have other delicious beverages such as Freez, Fruito, Rockstar Energy Drink, Robinsons and more delivered direct to your door? It’s true!

And don’t forget!

In order to keep your water hygienic and safe to consume; Riviere offers dispensers, cradles, and water pumps for use with the 4 Gallon bottle.

our delivery schedules

“our standard delivery will be is once in a week. However, upon the request of the customer, we will consider of delivering water to the doorsteps”.

special rate coupons

for those who think economic purchasing and to save money, we are presenting special rate coupons under different packages. for more details, contact our customer service center on 800 50005 from 8 AM to 9PM.

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